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I'm currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Oskar Klein Centre at Stockholm University working within Prof. Timothy Linden’s astroparticle group. I am interested in studying various high-energy phenomena, primarily focusing on the searches for the new physics using multimessenger astronomy. Currently, I work on studying observational signatures of axions and axion-like particles from transient astrophysical sources. I am also active within the ongoing multimessenger efforts and work on studying the origins of astrophysical neutrinos; as well as conduct offline, follow-up searches for electromagnetic counterparts to gravitational wave observations from compact binary mergers.

Prior to coming to Stockholm, I obtained my doctorate degree from the University of Maryland/NASA Goddard.

My homes are scattered across three continents and I am always planning a flight home.

Announcement [April 27, 2023]: I defended my dissertation on April 24, 2023, "New Messengers & New Physics: A Survey of the High-energy Universe."

Phonetic spelling /mee-leh-nah chur-no-gor-che-vitch/
IPA /milɛ.na tsrnɒgɒrʧɛvəʧ/
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