Milena Crnogorčević

milena crnogorčević

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I'm a sixth-year PhD candidate at the University of Maryland Astronomy/NASA Goddard. My primary research interests include high-energy astroparticle physics; in particular, studying observational signatures of axions and axion-like particles from transient astrophysical sources. I am also active within the current multimessenger efforts, currently working on studying the origins of astrophysical neutrinos, as well as follow-up observations to compact binary coalescence gravitational-wave events observed by LIGO/Virgo.

Prior to coming to Maryland, I ensconced myself in Vermont, at Middlebury College, where I studied physics and mathematics.

My homes are scattered across three continents and I am always planning a flight home.

Name IPA /milɛ.na tsrnɒgɒrʧɛvəʧ/
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